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About Sieplo


A SIEPLO roughage solution.
You cannot get better.


Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Denmark, America: SIEPLO appears everywhere if it comes to feeding? And still calf and cattle farmers in other countries discover that there is still a lot of profit to gain in roughage. Feeding could be done better, faster, more accurate – and even fully automatic with our products.


The very best roughage solutions

From the introduction of the mix dosing bucket in 2006, SIEPLO is the mayor example in the market of forage machines. Founder Jan Siebelink saw that it could be done differently and he wanted to develop the very best solutions. From the beginning SIEPLO is a symbol for innovation and development. The company received the SME Innovation Award in 2012.


Wise investment

If you have a SIEPLO, you do not only have the smartest and most functional feed solution, you simply have the best. Each SIEPLO is in fact completely produced of stainless steel. The maintenance costs are low and the lifespan is long. The residual value is therefore high, because every farmer knows: a used SIEPLO is still a SIEPLO.


The secret of your return

The progressive calf and cattle holders are those that choose for a SIEPLO solution. Entrepreneurs who understand that there are many factors that determine the company returns. Not only the initial investment, not only the feed rate and the labour. Also the feed structure, the accuracy of dosage and the number of feeding times are crucial. They directly affect the growth and health - and therefore the performance - of your animals. In the vision of SIEPLO return is always the sum of efficiency and quality. The machines are the evidence of this philosophy.


Sales and service

The SIEPLO machines are sold by dealers in your area. They are your point of contact, from first demonstration and quotation to warranty service and trade proposal. Still no dealer in your area? Please contact us!